The Who's Who of The Internet

Finally, you and your friends can bring your social sleuthing skills into the 21st century.

Play custom Guess Who boards with tech influencers, Twitter celebrities and more!

(Inspired by this tweet)

How to Play

  1. Find a friend to play with (don't worry, this is the hardest step) and hop on a video call.

  2. Click 'Play Now' and open up a separate screen.

  3. Select your Mystery Card and keep it secret from your opponent.

  4. Alternate turns asking one question. The player with the least amount of followers goes first.

  5. On your turn, ask a question that can be answered with a “yes” or “no”. For example: “Does your person have laser eyes?” If the answer is “yes”, then you know that all the people without diamond hands can be eliminated from your grid. If the answer is “no”, then all of the people with laser eyes can be eliminated.

  6. To eliminate a person, just click the card.

  7. Keep taking turns asking questions until someone thinks they can guess who is on the opponent’s Mystery Card.

To get the best Guess Who Party (Beta) experience please use a full sized screen on Chrome or Safari 😘